Installing Better Glass In Your Home

A few months ago, I realized that I really needed to update our windows and a few other glass fixtures around the house. I started searching for a great glass shop in the area, and I was able to find a place that I felt really good about. I worked with them to replace our mirrors, our glass shower enclosures, and our windows. When we were finished, our house looked and felt brand new on the inside and the outside. I was really impressed with how much of a difference those changes made. This blog is all about installing better glass in your home.

3 Tips For Keeping Your Shower Looking As Good As New


You use your shower on a regular basis to get clean, but the constant exposure to water, heat, and humidity can make it difficult to keep the shower itself sparkling clean. The keys to a clean shower are regular maintenance, daily touch ups, and deep cleaning when you clean the rest of the bathroom. Use the following tips to help keep your shower looking as good as new:

Pay Attention to the Grout

Tile is very popular to use in showers, and it can look fantastic. But tiles require grout, and if that grout is not properly maintained it can become discolored and grow mildew that is virtually impossible to remove. One of the best things you can do is seal your shower grout on a regular basis. Grout is usually sealed when tile is installed in the shower, but over time the sealant can wear off and the grout will lose its ability to repel water. A coat of new sealant will protect the grout in your shower and keep it looking fresh and clean.

Take Care of Your Shower Door

Glass shower doors can be found in most showers, and if they are not taken care of properly, it won't take long for the glass to become cloudy-looking and covered in soap scum and hard water stains. One of the best things you can do to keep your glass shower door shining is invest in a small squeegee and use it on your shower door to remove water after each shower. Doing this can help prevent the buildup of soap scum and prevent hard water stains from having the time to form.

When it comes time to clean the shower door, try spaying on a mixture made of equal parts white distilled vinegar and warm water, and then wipe it down with a microfiber cloth. Avoid using a scrub brush on your glass shower door, as it can be very abrasive and may scratch the glass.

Remove Buildup from Faucet and Shower Head

Calcium and other minerals often build up on the faucet and shower head, which can be quite unsightly. While there are many chemical cleaners on the market that are formulated to remove calcium buildup, if you want to use something more natural in your shower, turn to white vinegar. For faucets, try soaking a clean cloth in vinegar and then wrapping it around the shower faucet for several hours. Then, remove the cloth, rinse with water, and wipe the faucet down. Remove the shower head, soak it in a container of vinegar for a few hours, and then rinse and re-install. Contact a company like Mitchell's Glass & Mirror for more information.


18 June 2016