Installing Better Glass In Your Home

A few months ago, I realized that I really needed to update our windows and a few other glass fixtures around the house. I started searching for a great glass shop in the area, and I was able to find a place that I felt really good about. I worked with them to replace our mirrors, our glass shower enclosures, and our windows. When we were finished, our house looked and felt brand new on the inside and the outside. I was really impressed with how much of a difference those changes made. This blog is all about installing better glass in your home.

Insurance Coverage For Windshield Replacement


If you're looking for help paying for a windshield replacement, insurance coverage may be the way to go. Here are some tips on insurance plans that cover windshield replacement. 

Look at Your Current Insurance Policy

When you're checking your current plan for windshield coverage, note that some insurers may only include the side and back windows in their basic coverage. They may also have some regulations about when you can replace vs repair the window. To be sure, you might want to have an auto glass repair specialist read your insurance clause to make sure their specific services will be covered. 

Comprehensive Insurance Plans For Windshield Coverage

Glass may not be covered in a standard auto repair insurance policy. However, you can add comprehensive coverage to your auto insurance plan to get coverage for additional types of repairs. Plans labeled as "comprehensive insurance" may cover glass repair as well as dents and other cosmetic issues. A comprehensive plan may also go into detail about additional circumstances it covers for windshield replacement; while a basic auto insurance plan may be geared towards collision, a comprehensive coverage plan may also fully cover animal collisions and vandalism as well. 

Considering the Impact of Filing a Claim

Additional coverage for glass repair may be a good idea, but it can sometimes be more trouble than it's worth. For instance, you may have a specific deductible to meet before you get coverage from your insurer. If the cost of replacing your windshield is $300 and the insurance deductible is $250, then you're only going to get coverage for $50 of the costs. In this case it might not even be worth it to go through all the paperwork of filing a claim. You'll also want to check whether reporting the incident will have any effects on your monthly premium. 

In short, getting insurance coverage for a windshield replacement can be a bit tricky. In some cases, the added coverage of a comprehensive plan can come in handy many times over if you get in future accidents or live in a storm-prone area. In other cases, it's a good idea to just pay out of pocket. When cost is an issue, see if your auto glass repair center can make a monthly payment plan for you over the course of a few months. In any case, getting your glass repaired right away can help to prevent further cracks and damage. 

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23 June 2016