Installing Better Glass In Your Home

A few months ago, I realized that I really needed to update our windows and a few other glass fixtures around the house. I started searching for a great glass shop in the area, and I was able to find a place that I felt really good about. I worked with them to replace our mirrors, our glass shower enclosures, and our windows. When we were finished, our house looked and felt brand new on the inside and the outside. I was really impressed with how much of a difference those changes made. This blog is all about installing better glass in your home.

Things To Know About Paying For Windshield Repair With Insurance


When you're in the position of raising funds for windshield repair, there are a few things to note about your payment and insurance options. 

Insurance Coverage for Windshield Repair Varies

First of all, some auto insurance plans may have coverage for windshield repairs. If you have collision insurance and the accident was your fault, then you can get some insurance coverage through your collision policy. If the damage was the other driver's fault, check with their insurer about limits and coverage for liability. You should also check on the stipulations of your comprehensive auto insurance, if you have it. This policy often covers windshield repair and/or auto glass replacement in many situations. 

Your Coverage May Vary Depending on Repair Type

If you see that your insurance plan covers windshields, don't just go out and get whatever repairs your mechanic suggests. Make sure that you read the fine print to be sure your chosen repair type is covered. For instance, your plan might say that they only cover auto glass replacement in the contract. They may only cover the front glass and not the rear or side auto glass as well. 

Deductible Waivers Vary

Some states require the insurance company to waive the deductible on windshield repairs. If you have a high deductible set for your comprehensive or collision auto insurance, you may be in luck. Check with your auto insurance company for more details. If you aren't able to get an insurance deductible waiver, the money may have to come out of your own pocket, but it's still a valuable purchase to make in order to protect your vehicle. 

Your Technician May Help with the Paperwork

When you sign up for a windshield repair, check with your technician to see what help they can offer in filling out the needed paperwork to file an insurance claim. They may be willing to fill out or submit the papers on your behalf. At the least, make sure that you get copies of a thorough invoice, documenting the repairs done and the associated fees. 

Your Insurance Rates May Not Go Up

Finally, you may be worried that reporting a claim on your auto insurance would cause your rates to go up. This is not always the case, since some states prohibit this kind of interaction. Check on your auto insurance policy to see what kinds of effects your windshield service will have to put your mind at ease. 

For more information, talk with an auto glass replacement shop, such as Martin Glass Co., and your insurance company.


29 September 2016