Installing Better Glass In Your Home

A few months ago, I realized that I really needed to update our windows and a few other glass fixtures around the house. I started searching for a great glass shop in the area, and I was able to find a place that I felt really good about. I worked with them to replace our mirrors, our glass shower enclosures, and our windows. When we were finished, our house looked and felt brand new on the inside and the outside. I was really impressed with how much of a difference those changes made. This blog is all about installing better glass in your home.

3 Auto Restoration Tips To Upgrade Your Car With Modern Safety Standards


If you have an older car that you are restoring, it is going to need repairs. Some of the repairs that you do may include repairing broken glass or improving the brakes. When doing repairs to your car, you may want to upgrade some of these parts to bring your car up to date with modern safety standards. Here are some car restoration tips that will help you make your car safer for driving regularly.

1. Updating Brake Systems to Make Your Car Safer and Handle Better

Old brakes have several different problems that can affect the safety of your car. First, the older cars often have issues with metal brake lines that can corrode and fail while you are driving. They can also have problems due to lack of modern anti-lock braking systems, which prevent the brakes from locking up. To make sure your brakes are safe, update them with modern anti-lock brakes systems. To improve the handling and performance of your car, convert drum brakes to discs.

2. Modern Safety Glass to Help Prevent Injury in Accidents

If your car has the original glass in it, it was probably manufactured before the invent of safety glass. You will want to consider replacing the glass in your car for modern safety glass, which is shatter-resistant to prevent injury in accidents. There may already be glass that needs to be replaced in your car, such as windshields that have cracks in them. Replace all the glass in your car to ensure your car is up to date with modern safety standards. If there is glass in your car that is specially shaped to fit the design of your car, contact an auto glass professional for help with getting the right safety glass for your car.

3. Installing Seat Restraint Systems That Help Keep You and Passengers Safe

In older cars, the seatbelts may be simply lap-belts for the driver and passenger in the front. These are outdated restraint systems that do little to protect you or passengers from injury in an accident. Consider updating your car with modern seatbelts to make it safer. If you are doing performance upgrades to your car that make it fast, you may want to consider investing in 5-point racing harnesses for the restraint systems that keep the driver and passenger safe.

These are some tips that will help make your car safer for regular driving. If you are ready to start updating your car with modern safety, contact your preferred auto glass services to have safety glass installed in your car while doing repairs. 


11 May 2018