How To Keep Your Windshield Clear This Winter


The wintertime requires many changes to your day-to-day routines as a result of the colder temperatures and harsher weather. Many auto drivers believe that the way to an unobstructed view is to blast the heat and scrape the ice off the glass. However, there are other ways that you can ensure your window glass is clear, clean, and safe throughout the winter season. Keep the Glass Clean One of the more important steps to maintaining a clear visual field is cleaning the windshield.

13 October 2019

Sources Of Windshield Damage You May Encounter


A car's windshield will be subjected to a high risk of suffering serious damages. When a driver underestimates the potential risk that these issues can pose for their car, they can subject themselves to unnecessary risk due to driving a vehicle with a damaged windshield. Road Debris Debris from other cars is the most common source of damage to windshields. When traffic is moving at even relatively slow speeds, these items can strike your windshield with tremendous force.

22 September 2019

Tips For Preventing And Removing Hard Water Stains On Glass Shower Enclosures


When glass shower doors are first installed, they are beautiful and pristine. Over time, however, mineral deposits from hard water can cause unsightly stains to form on the glass, making it less than attractive. The good news is that you can easily remove the mineral build up using products you most likely already own, and restore the natural beauty of the glass. There are several different types of glass enclosures available.

4 August 2019

Elevate Your Bathroom With A Glass Shower Enclosure


Have you wanted to transform your bathroom for a while but don't know where to get started? If you don't have the time or energy to swap out everything all at once, why not at least start with what is considered the centerpiece of most bathrooms—the bathtub or shower area. Changing things up from a traditional tub-and-curtain setup to a shower with a glass enclosure can give your entire bathroom a new feel, even without any additional changes.

29 May 2019

Window Tinting Lets You Enjoy The Outdoor View While Providing Privacy And Sun Protection


There are several reasons why you might want the windows in your home tinted. You might think you can only get tinted windows if you buy them new, but it's also possible for a window tinting service to apply the film on your existing windows. This could help your windows be more energy efficient, and the tint is much cheaper than getting new windows installed. Here are some things to know about window tint.

25 March 2019