How To Seal The Seams In Your Frameless Shower Doors


Frameless glass shower doors are a great upgrade for any bathroom. These unique and stylish shower doors are also very reliable. They can create a completely waterproof shower enclosure as long as the seams remain sealed. This usually means that you need to maintain the caulk in between each glass panel. Over the years you will probably need to remove your old caulk and replace it. This article explains the process so you can ensure that your enclosure remains waterproof and stylish.

8 June 2016

Tips For Fixing Cracked Sheet Glass


If you have a small crack in a window or other sheet of glass, you may be interested in repairing the crack instead of buying an expensive new sheet of glass. Here are some techniques that you can try as a first stop for repairing your glass. Clear Away Shards The first thing to do is to completely clear away glass shards from the sealing area. This is to protect you, but also so that you can get a good seal with the glass pieces.

10 August 2015

Taking A Closer Look At Antique Glass Window Repairs


If you move into a home that has antique windows, if you are like some homeowners, you will want to keep the windows intact just because they give character to the older home. However, this kind of glass repair will call for some specialized attention. You could easily just have the windows yanked out and replaced with new versions, but some of the antiquated features of windows from the past are hard to match.

7 August 2015